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The object of the All Party University Group is to provide the means by which Members of Parliament and university representatives can exchange interests and information to increase their mutual understanding of matters affecting Higher Education.

The All Party Parliamentary Unversity Group was founded in 1994 by Members of Parliament and Peers to establish an avenue of communication and dialogue on the issues concerning Higher Education. It is now one of the largest Groups in the Palace of Westminster with over 250 Parliamentarians as members.

To achieve the main object of the Group, that of establishing an understanding between universities and Members of Parliament, the Group holds regular speaker meetings, dinners and breakfast briefings in the palace of Westminster. Guest speakers, who are leaders in their chosen profession, are invited by Officers of the Group, from all areas of higher education and industry.

Membership consists of representatives from UK universities, together with members of the two Houses of Parliament, drawn from all parties, to whom issues around higher education are important.